PR Hydra font

A sequel to my own Herakles font, with multiple faces, and more to come, so the name is named after his second labor, namely, the Hydra. The straight lines and sharp angles make it suitable for evoking the feel of many ancient civilizations where writing was cut into stone. Whether your heroic deeds include slaying mythical monsters, or making the best spanakopita in the city, this font is for you.

PR Hydra font family

Hydra small caps, and lower case.

Building better serifs, parabolically

The serif is the finishing stroke, without which, this capital “I” would be just a rectangle. I decided to make the serif larger on the top left and bottom right, reflecting the way a scribe would use an edged pen, sliding the nib on its edge, to get ink primed on the whole surface to start the stroke, and cutting off cleanly at the end. I started with a 45 ° angle on the bottom right, and half that ( 22.5°) on the bottom left. I then made equal steps to transition between this angle and the vertical. This type of construction results in a parabola. The diagram on the left shows the steps in shades of gray. I then changed the angles into a smooth curve and flipped the whole structure to make the top of the I.

Donations gratefully accepted

Here’s the deal: I would love to  Make all these cool alphabets available for you to download, but my day job takes up a lot of time.  If enough of you make donations, I can spend less time working at that, and more time working at this.

This is not begging, this is crowdsource funding. The Church has been doing it for 2000 years.

You can make a donation through paypal at either of the links below.

I want to spend my time making fonts.  If you want that too, here’s a way to make it happen.

If I can get $20,000 in donations by a year from now, I can free up a lot of time for font making.

A lot of other people could do my day job, but only I can make PR Fonts.

Work in Progress

I have been working at a few projects: Making a new, reworked and fully professional version of my first font, PR Uncial, first released in 1997.


Here is the ampersand:

Medieval looking ampersand for the new PR Uncial.

Medieval looking ampersand for the new PR Uncial.


My Viking font got a lot of good attention, including one client who wanted a smooth version.  When I smoothed it out, it started to look kind of like Trajan, or like what you would get if the Vikings captured a Roman stonecutter, and made him carve Runes for the Cheiftain’s hall, and then make a translation so the Romans could read it too.


New Viking A

New Viking A

I thought of making a bold, and wide version based on the same skeleton alphabet.  I will call it Dwarfish.


Dwarfish A- Chipped

Dwarfish A- Chipped


The Bear’s Den

A friend of mine needed a card for his book-finding service, and I was working on a book icon for an upcoming font, so I brought the two together.

The Bear's Den


The Bear’s Den