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Good Summer

This year I got contacted by a TV network in Norway Who wants to use my PR Viking font for the logo of a reality show with people living like vikings for 20 episodes, and a Publican in Galway, Ireland wanting to use one of my Celtic fonts for his pub logo. When the originals come to you, you must be doing it right!

Nordic Spring

Nordic Spring

Vanaheim font now 10% off, Until April 30. Please contact me directly to purchase.
Here is the brief description of the available faces:

  • PR-Vanaheim-Med-DC-01 Duplex Caps<br>
  • PR-Vanaheim-Med-DC-02 Duplex Caps, Dotted counters and dot space
  • PR-Vanaheim-Med-DC-03 Duplex Caps, Dotted counters
  • PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-04 Broad Caps, with modern style lower case.
  • PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-05 Narrow Caps, with modern style lower case.
  • PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-06 Broad Caps, with archaic lower case.
  • PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-07 Narrow Caps, with archaic lower case.

I am also planning more members of the Vanaheim family, and I was looking for feedback on what comes next.  I was thinking of light and bold weights of the “monoline” version now available, but I was also thinking of a “Roman” version, with thick and thin strokes, also a weathered version, textured similarly to Caslon Antique. As you can see, I could be working on this one family for a while.  As designers, if you were to use this font family, which additional variants would be most valuable to you?